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Khloe Kardashian & Tristan Thompson Are "Fighting Constantly" After Cheating Scandal

It was only a matter of time before she saw the light.

A little over a month after Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson's cheating scandal broke, it appears their "perfect relationship" is starting to crack. Obviously, that's going to happen when your baby daddy cheats on you during your pregnancy and then you ignore it for a month and play happy families.

Us Weekly are now reporting that her eyes are finally opening about the situation and she isn't blinded by love or the baby anymore which causes the couple to fight all the time. According to shady insiders:

“Khloé and Tristan are fighting constantly. All the time. She doesn’t know how she’s going to rebuild trust in him. She knows her family and friends aren’t supporting him or her right now.”

We already know that the family is fed up with Tristan's cheating ways and her decision to stay with him, which was evidenced in their interviews on Ellen:

“The family has had enough with the Tristan situation. Khloé doesn’t want to hear it anymore. Kim feels like the matriarch of the family and has always been the most protective one. She’s made comments in the public and is not making it easy for Tristan.”

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Although Khloe decided to stay with him after their cheating scandal and publicly supported him by going to his basketball games and the movies together, it seems like her baby brain is finally starting to subside and she's realising the gravity of the situation:

“Khloé has been in a bubble in Cleveland. She’s been so focused on True. Now that time has passed, her eyes are starting to open up more and she’s looking at the situation differently."

Their relationship can't survive something this big without fighting but if they are having blowouts all the time then you can guarantee it's going to drive him to reoffend when he's back on the road later this year.

Let's hope she takes True and gets the fuck out of their before he gets her or someone else pregnant again!

Do you think they'll stay together? Sound off in the comments!

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