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Kendall Jenner's New Boyfriend Allegedly Cheated On His Ex With Her

Is Kennie the new Angelina?

After Page Six confirmed that Kendall Jenner was officially dating NBA rookie Ben Simmons, the streets couldn't stop talking about their possibly unfaithful hookup and by the streets I mean Ben's ex-girlfriend's brother.

The couple has been dating for a few weeks which could have overlapped with Ben's former relationship with Tinashe, who he was seeing before Kendall. When the story of the new couple's relationship was confirmed, Tinashe's little teen brother, Kudzai Kachingwe, took to Twitter to blast Ben for allegedly cheating on his sister.

The angered teen exposed his possible cheating ways:

I'm like 90% sure that wasn't English but I guess Ben likes a certain type of woman, except nowadays every girl is an Instagram model with a big ass and a makeup palette, so it's not hard for everyone to blend into one. The fake news Kudi is referring to of his sister being accused of "doing Kardashian shit" was due to MTO News writing that Tinashe was trying to get media attention from the relationship saying:

“She is way too public with everything. They just started dating and this girl is calling up paparazzi.”

The barely legal brother concluded his rant by saying it was the only way he could defend his sister:

That's cute and all but I don't think I would want my teenage brother taking up for me if I was involved in a possible Kardashian cheating scandal. Wow, if this tea is true Kendall is just as bad as all of Tristan Thompson's side hoes in the world.

Do you think Kendall was the other woman? Sound off in the comments!

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