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8 Reasons Why You Have To Watch RHOC Season 13

The last season of The Real Housewives of Orange County was a hot mess, actually, it was just a mess. Vicki's beef with Tamra & Shannon was so deep and real that they avoided each other like they were lepers all season long which proved to be tedious and boring. Now, after a cast shakeup and a weird hug at last year's reunion it seems like everyone is friends and there's hardly any drama between the group which in most Housewives shows would be terrible but after years of deep seated feuds, these bitches deserve a season of having fun and blackouts because if history has shown us anything it's that this group knows how to woop it up! Check out the reasons why you have to watch the new season:

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1. Drinking

If the Housewives franchise is based on anything - it's alcohol. These middle-aged women particularly in the OC have a talent for taking shots, getting drunk, wetting themselves and acting like absolute idiots. Some of the show's best memorable moments haven't been dramatic fights but hilarious drunk antics between friends and if we have a season full of women peeing on each other's beds, wooping it up at Andales and running around naked then I think we are in for some entertainment.

2. Restored Friendships

As well as the drinking it will be good to see how Vicki, Tamra and Shannon actually nurture and develop their relationships after their epic three year cold war. The longest standing cast members, Vicki and Tamra, have had a friendship that's been at the heart of the show for almost it's entire run and is partly responsible for the show's success so it will be great to see them in a good place rather than bad, and the same goes with Shannon who hated the OG of the OC more than anyone. Who doesn't want to see how they come back from that weird threesome reunion hug?

3. Fresh Blood

After we thankfully said goodbye to Meghan, Lydia and Peggy, Bravo gifted us with two new women who look like they bring something different to the SoCal city. Gina is a Long Island loudmouth who will probably put everyone in their place and Emily is a lawyer/ party planner who used her sister as a surrogate for her three children and also has a preexisting feud with Tamra. I think we are due for some good additions after the epic failure that was the Armenian Alexis Bellino.

4. Vicki vs Kelly These former friends feuded at the beginning of the season after Vicki went on a double date with Kelly's ex-husband and his new girlfriend which is shady as hell and sort of expected from the OG of the OC at this point. Kelly has been her only supporter for the last couple of years so it's going to be juicy as fuck to see Miss Dodd use her powers against Vicki and not with her.

5. Divorce Drama

Both Kelly and Shannon's marriages went down the tubes after last season and this time around we get to see them both date, move into different homes and on with their lives. As well as a blossoming friendship between the former foes we will have a front row seat to their divorces. If you thought David Beador was a shitty husband imagine what he'll be like as an ex-husband after he (allegedly) yelled at Shannon in the courtroom and shut her water off. I would watch the season for this storyline alone.

6. Eddie's Heart Problem

It wouldn't be a Housewives season if someone didn't have a mysterious illness and this time it belongs to Tamra's husband Eddie. Sickness in the OC has a been a hot topic since Brook's infamous cancer scam, but I think it's safe to assume that Eddie isn't going to reenact the disgusting ways of the infamous Girth Brooks. From the trailer and social media, we've learned that he's just had his FIFTH heart surgery in six months which will no doubt affect how Tamra mixes with the rest of the group.

7. Tamra vs Shannon

Vicki and Tamra aren't the only BFFs going at it in the trailer, Shannon and Tamra are also duking it out for season 13. Last season we started to see Tamra get sick of her bestie constantly screaming and yelling so it's no surprise that's exactly what they are fighting about. I don't expect a massive feud between the two, but I do expect an iconic drunken fight to ensue. And who doesn't love seeing Shannon have her quasi-mental breakdowns?

8. Exotic Trips

This year the ladies are not only headed on their glamorous trip to Jamaica but the Un-Holy Trinity that is Vicki, Tamra and Shannon all take a trip to woop it up in Puerto Vallarta which is a right of passage at this point in the franchise. Thankfully Bravo got the message that the cold European trips weren't working and put the Californian girls in the sun with cocktails where they rightfully belong! Can you think of a trip where these ladies didn't get shit faced and give us hilarious drunk moments? Exactly.

The Real Housewives of Orange County premieres July 16th at 9/8c on Bravo! Check out the epic trailer below to get ready for a drama filled season!

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