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Is San Antonio Joining The Real Housewives Franchise?

Are we ready for another city to turn real?

Twitter has been going crazy with the theory that Bravo could potentially be looking to add another city to their infamous Housewives franchise. Local Fox News correspondent Ashley Paredez posted a video of two women and their husbands dining in San Antonio with a camera crew and captioned it "The Real Housewives of San Antonio."

Normally this wouldn't mean anything, but Bravo has already green lit a new unnamed series for this year called "Untitled San Antonio Project."

The description sounds very Housewives-esque as it "follows a tight knit group of women and their families" who happen to be "affluent" and reside in "their upscale and beautiful gated communities." Doesn't that sound like any Housewives synopsis ever?

The show has already started filming as shown through many photos on social media and it looks like the cast will have around six women. Can this be any more of a Housewives show?

The potenial cast members in the photo above are Luz Ortiz, Karla Ramirez, Penelope Ayarzagoitia, Lorena (Unknown last name), Janet Montagne, and Anayancy Nolasco.

When Potomac and Dallas filmed their debut seasons they weren't officially declared Housewives until after the season wrapped, so that may be the case for these San Antonio women. It would definitely be smart for Bravo to add them to the franchise because it would ensure initial success with a built in audience and we NEED some more culture on those shows.

Fans are doubtful that this show will turn into a Housewives addition because Andy Cohen declined the idea of doing a Houston addition because they already have a Texas show in Dallas saying:

“I think Houston would be great. But I think now that we have Dallas, I think we’re good."

However, San Antonio isn't like Dallas OR Houston and would bring more of a desert, Latin vibe to the franchise instead of a show pony, charity, big hair attitude that we've seen in the Big D. I'm pretty hopeful that we could be getting another show!

Would you watch the new installment? Sound off in the comments!

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