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Heather Locklear Hospitalised For Psych Evaluation After Suicide Threat

Things are only getting messier for the Queen of the 90s.

After she was arrested and charged for assaulting two police officers and checked into rehab earlier this year, TMZ is now reporting that Heather Locklear has been hospitalised for a psych evaluation after she threatened to kill herself.

A family member reported her suicide threat to the police and claimed she was searching her house for a gun to kill herself with. Law enforcement reported to her house and transported her to the hospital for a psych evaluation where her conditon was definied as "medical not criminal."

It's unknown why she wanted to end her life, but obviously she needs help!

This tea is just sad at the point and even her fifth stint in rehab couldn't help her change her ways, it's like groundhog day with Heather because there's always a constant drama. Threatening to kill a police officer and having a substance addiction is one thing but threating to kill yourself is a whole other issue. I guess she definitely won't be joining RHOBH after all.

What do you think about the scandal? Sound off in the comments!

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