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Kristen Doute Allegedly Dropped From Vanderpump Rules

Please don't let this be true!

After being edited out of most of last season and not having a major storyline, it looks like the OG cast member could have an even smaller role in the upcoming seventh season. Radar Online is reporting that Kristen Doute has been demoted to a "friend" position by the producers, this means she won't appear in the opening and will only appear primarily in group scenes

Apparently the reasoning behind the demotion was because Kristen "doesn't have a lot of drama in her life these days" and "viewers don't enjoy watching her relationship with Carter".


If the producers gave Kristen an inch she would take a mile and create some iconic reality TV moments. She was responsible for some of the biggest scandals in Vanderpump Rules history so it's disrespectful and rude that we have to sit through a season of watching Jax & Brittany's dumb relationship while Kristen gets edited out.

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As always I'm taking this tea with a grain of salt. Radar Online is known for not having the most accurate information regarding, well anything, however she has been exiled to the end of reunion seating plan for the last two seasons now and she was obviously not a key player last season, which makes me think there is some truth to Radar's article.

Lisa Vanderpump is also an executive producer and we all know how she feels about Kristen "Suck A Dick" Doute, so I'm not surprised that if one needed to be cut that LVC decided to choose her.

Kristen has been spotted filming scenes with her crew for the new season so she will definitely still be there in some capacity, but I hope this information is the opposite of true. I guess we will have to wait until she confirms it or until the press announcement of the new season later this year.

Do you want Kristen back full time? Sound off in the comments!

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