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Heather Locklear Arrested For Police Battery (Again)

The Queen of the 90's downward spiral continues.

TMZ is reporting that Heather Locklear was arrested for police battery a second time on Sunday night. The police also previously visited her house earlier that day but determined no crime had been committed. Apparently a family member called 911 due to a disturbance.

This is the tea. The Melrose Place star allegedly was "heavily intoxicated" when the police arrived and began punching a deputy who tried to separate her from a family member. Then when the EMT's arrived she kicked one while they were putting her on a gurney. She was taken to the hospital and then jail.

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She's being held on $20,000 bail.

This arrest comes after she was previously charged with police battery and checked into rehab earlier this year. She was also placed on a psychiatric evaluation just last week after she allegedly choked her mom and dad.

Although this is funny and dramatic to laugh about, it's fucking sad to see someone literally lose their minds in front of us. Don't do drugs kids.

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