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Jill Zarin Sets The Record Straight About New Relationship

She still runs with a fabulous circle of people.

We previously reported that Jill Zarin began dating Gary Brody six months after her husband Bobby died from thyroid cancer in January, however, she spoke to Us Weekly and set the record straight on her current relationship status.

Sources told Us Weekly he's currently just a friend but that the situation is evolving. The two have played tennis together for a long time and have apparently "been casually hanging out for a few months." The former RHONY star told said:

“Gary very much respects the grieving process I am going through and has been an incredible friend to talk to. He only wants the best for me and my daughter."

As of now Jill is single and it sounds like she is starting to open herself up to getting ready to mingle. Six months is probably the appropriate amount of time to start dating after your signifcant other has passed but I don't think Jill will be rushing into anything too quickly.

The host of Juicy Scoop Podcast and Jill's friend Heather McDonald also spilled the tea on this relationship saying she met him earlier this year and things between he and Jill were platonic:

"I met Gary when I was visiting her in March. She was playing tennis with him. They were strictly friends, but I thought he was so funny and really delightful. He had me dying laughing. It was just a friendly thing. I said ‘I think there might be something there and she said ‘No, no not at all. It has been a platonic friendship for a long time. I didn’t witness anything romantic back in March. If something is brewing now I think that’s appropriate."

Heather also said due to the sadness around Bobby's death she's happy Jill can have a laugh with Gary and that it's nice to know she's having fun.

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