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Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Jokes About Car Fight With His Baby Mama

This idiot has less brains than I thought.

Only two weeks after Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's baby mama, literally, dragged him with their moving car which caused him several scars and road rash it seems like the two are ready to joke about their ordeal instead of having the sense to never be around each other again.

After reuniting to celebrate Fourth of July together last week, the Jersey Shore star posted a photo on his Instagram story of the Joker from Batman with the hashtag: #LifeCanBeALotOfThingsButNeverLetItBeADrag and then asking Too Soon? at the bottom of the page.

How is that a funny thing to laugh about? "Hahaha, remember that time when we were hitting each other in the car in front of our infant daughter and then you dragged me along the street giving me several injuries? Yeah, THOSE were the days!"

Are those the types of conversations they have?

I don't know how much further these two can go before one of them is dead. Seriously, they physically fight on Instagram, they had another physical altercation during filming for Jersey Shore season two AND he was dragged with a fucking car. What's next? Is she going to stab him to death?

What do you think about his joke? Sound off in the comments!

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