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Shade of the Week: Luann de Lesseps

She says it herself: the most interesting people make the best headlines!

I had trouble deciding to make Luann de Lesseps my Shade of the Week after the REACTION I got from everyone on Instagram when Heather Locklear was. I've seen the struggle of addiction first hand and I don't take it lightly at all but I have to talk Luann's latest media attention and where else to do it than Shade of the Week? This isn't shade it's strictly a "discussion" about the recent events in her life.

Let me start by saying I love Luann de Lesseps, The Countess, Mrs D'Agostino, Lu, the Nurse from Connecticut and all of her multiple personalities. For the last ten years she has been a gift sent from the Bravo gods and I've always been a fan of her boughy and sometimes slutty ways and there's only few women in the entire Real Housewives franchise who have gone through as much change from their first season to now. Luann went from being a snotty socialite Countess with a holiday house in Switzerland, to getting divorced, becoming a "singer," dating Jacque, fucking a pirate, fucking a random guy and giving us and iconic catchphrase, dating a manwhore who was also dating Ramona and was boncking Sonja during the same season of RHONY, finding how he had cheated on her, marrying him, divorcing him, getting arrested, going to rehab, having her own cabaret show and now she's back in rehab. Most Housewives can't even do one of those things right.

My praise aside, Luann has had a shitty week. In the space of two days it was revealed in the press that she's not only dating her agent Rich Super but that her two children AND ex-husband are suing her for mismanaging their trust funds which would be hard for anyone to deal with in the space of three days, especially after the complete and utter fuckery that 2018 has been for her so far. In some ways it's been her best year yet. The infamous Christmas Eve arrest woke her up from her self-medication during her divorce and got her back on the right track which resulted in her living her best sober life while touring the country with her cabaret. Everything was going so well until her life took another L.

I know Lu's addiction is real and it's not surprised that she was using alcohol to cope especially after she's gone through more than her fair share of hardships but the timing of her return to rehab has me perplexed and I'm giving the Countess MAJOR side eye. Only like three days after her messy legal situation with her children and new relationship were made public knowledge she decided to go back to rehab which happened to be the DAY before The Real Housewives of New York City reunion was set to tape. Luann has been the undisputed star of the show this season. This was her redemption season, she rose like a phoneix from the West Palm Beach ashes and I was ready for her to tell her story and be the accountable lovable Lu that has emerged since the scandal but after these new stories I really don't think she wanted to have to answer to Andy Cohen and the world about her deep family issues and rehab is a great escape route.

I'm not saying that Lu went to rehab soley to hide away from the reunion. No way. She obviously has addiction issues and according to E! News started drinking following her lawsuit with her children and thought she could handle it but couldn't, so I know she wants to go to rehab because she needs help but the timing is pretty convenient. The blogger in me thinks that a producer (probably, maybe, most likely, definitely) leaked the stories to the media to garner some press for the show and put some heat on Luann at the reunion after she's mostly been beloved and renewed this season but instead she probably got way too drunk in the Hamptons, her friends convinced her to go to rehab again and ditching the upcoming reunion was probably just icing on her golden New York apple. It would be awful to be sued by YOUR OWN CHILDREN and Lu doesn't have a bad heart so I don't believe she (intentionally) did any wrong doing. I just hope her two hippy, bohemean kids can put this asidd and be there for their mother.

The shadiest part of this whole thing was Bethenny Fucking Frankel speaking on Luann's behalf. What the actual fuck? The same girl who told you your husband was cheating on you on national TV is the same girl that's going to announce your return to rehab?! Who made that decision? Lu is a resilient human being and I know she can get through it and the lucky thing for her is that she doesn't even have to face the hardship of the reunion and she already gets to come back for season eleven. Do you really think Bravo WON'T ask her back? She's in and out of rehab, has a new boyfriend, is being sued by her children and is a mother fucking Countess. The only way she won't be back is if she finally hangs up her apple but I don't see that happening. I just hope Lu gets all the help she needs for a healthy and happier life!

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