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RHONY Season 10 Reunion Tea

It was only a matter of time before a "source" leaked the news!

After The Real Housewives of New York City reunion was taped on Tuesday a source has come forward to Us Weekly to give us all the juicy details of what to except. Obviously, it was probably just a producer who wants to get everyone to watch but anyway here is what's being reported.

Of course, Lu chose not to attend as she returned to rehab (suspicious much?) so the seating arrangements were a little fucked up. Ramona was set to be on Carole's couch but was sent to be on the end of Bethenny's due to Lu's absence. Couldn't they have moved Tinsley because she's boring enough to be on the end. The group apparently discussed Luann's return to rehab during the beginning of filming.

The main drama was between Carole and Bethenny but apparently it was basically the Skinnygirl vs everyone all day, except Sonja who was the only one who supported and agreed with her all day. Sources said this about Carole and Bethenny's beef:

“Carole [Radziwill] brought receipts to the reunion exposing Bethenny’s lies, one after another,” the source tells Us of the Tuesday, July 17, taping. “Bethenny brought a purple file folder that she had next to her. Whatever was in there will never be known because Bethenny kept looking at it frantically and putting it down. Bethenny accused Carole of writing an article or something about Luann [de Lesseps]. When Carole said show it to me, Bethenny wouldn’t. Carole said, you’re lying. It was a verbal fight.”

DAMN! Who knew Carole could hold her own against the Queen Bee at a reunion no less! However other insiders said Bethenny was laughing during their altercation while Carole was very serious and stressed with their fighting.

This is SO juicy and I can't wait to watch and dissect the shit out of it!

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