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Southern Charm Season 5 Reunion Fashion Roundup!

Vanderpump Rules | Season 6 Reunion Fashion

This is gonna be real short because these Southern Charmers look like they didn't even try. I know their reunions aren't as fancy as the Housewives and are more Vanderpump Rules style but this is just eh. Kathyrn is the only one on another level while the girls just stuck with Target's block colour line and the boys are just wearing suits. Who cares about mens fashion, right? Anyway, it wouldn't be tradition if I didn't pick a Bravo cast's outfits to shit so check out our ranking below!

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​7. Austen Kroll

Meh. If I had one word to describe this it would be meh. This look is so basic and I don't know why today of all days he decided he should wear his dorky middle school prescription glasses. He looks like he should star on To Catch A Predator or become one of Trashley's hospice patients. Ugh.

6. Chelsea Meissner

Chelsea stepped it up this reunion, barely. Being on the couch for all 3 parts warrants a must deliver look but this pretty basic. Whether her motivation was her new boo or to finally push away all the uncharming dudes in the group, she did that with this very long dress. Couldn't she add a different colour or pattern or something to break it up? I just don't understand why these girls WANT to look like a Target model.

5. Cameran Eubanks

Cam dressed like she acted all season - bland. Pink looks good on her, but the new mom has moved down a seat on the couch and her look displays that demotion. It's just basic and this dress is the only thing more plain than her storyline, I swear she's worn the same dress in different block colours at every reunion. I'd even prefer it if she wore an outragous ugly dress because this isn't giving me anything to critique.

4. Naomie Olindo

Naomie and her new nose dressed in a chic yet simple one shoulder dress, but was all too careful to match Craig. Maybe she’s still tracking him and added a camera so she knew just what the seamstress would be sporting, would that surprise anyone? I think she's beautiful but I miss the old nose and while this dress is better than Cam and Chelsea's, it's not on Kathryn's level yet.

3. Craig Conover

Craig the Curator stepped out at this reunion wearing an all white suit, possibly made by the seamstress himself. He did say he can’t sew in 3D, so maybe the look was better kept in 2D. Craig is such a hot mess so it's nice to see him get dressed up and look nice in white even though we are aware of the complete unorganised fuckery that is his life. Bonus points for matching your insane tracking ex though.

2. Shep Rose

Mr. Singleton Shep sported a typical look for the man who will never settle down. Even though he isn’t wearing anything from his ShepGear, you can’t help but wonder if Peyton’s Avatar costume was an inspiration that helped him dress like the elder bachelor he has become. However, he does look smart and sophisticated and not like his typical frat boy self who lives off a diet of beer and pussy.

​1. Kathryn Dennis

This is what we were looking for people. Kathryn is on a whole other level than her co-stars with this peach empress gown, gold flowers on the hips and her flowing red locks. This is what I except from these shows and she totally delivered. She looks like a sex slave Greek godness and I'm obsessed with it. Her dedication, beauty and ability to wear clothes that don't look they were on sale puts all the escorts and accused rapists (you know who they are) to shame. #HiAshley

Southern Charm airs Thursday at 9/8c on Bravo! Stay tuned at Good Tea for our exclusive tea and shady recaps on the Charleston gang.