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RHONY's Red Scarf Reveals Texts With Bethenny Frankel To Prove She's Lying

Bethenny Frankel's decline is continuing on and off the show!

A few episodes ago on The Real Housewives of New York City we were introduced to Red Scarf (Brian Krauss) after he showed up at speed dating to see Bethenny Frankel, chatted with Ramona and ended up going on a date with Carole. After his TOMfoolery (no pun intended) Bethenny read their texts messages on last week's episode and made it seem as if he was obsessively trying to see her again but Red Scarf exposed his actual texts with the Skinnygirl and set the record straight.

In his new interview with Shira's Got The Scoop, Brian shared that the texts she read were "cobbled together" from months before the speed dating and didn't include any of her replies to him:

"Bethenny has an odd habit of making up stories where she looks good at the expense of others. This tale is no exception. I bet those texts she was reading gave you the impression they were all from me after we re-connected at speed dating. False. They weren’t. They were cobbled together from months earlier when she first swiped right on The League, a dating app, to match with me."

He had met Bethenny in Miami earlier and was asked by the match maker to appear on the show in a round of speed dating, which the Queen Bee happened to be attending. He shared:

"It is unnerving to film RHONY. I agreed because I believe in my friend Rori’s matchmaking business Platinum Poire. And yes, I was happy to see Bethenny, a woman I already knew, felt comfortable with and considered a friend.​"

Brian didn't stop there. He also said Bethenny LIED about trying to set him up on a date with Carole after speed dating and actually contacted him to set a date up for herself, but only lost interest in him once she found out he had already been out on a date with Carole:

"Her claim that she texted me that same night to fix me up with Carole: also false. In real life Rori arranged a dinner the next evening. Also, in real life Bethenny texted me immediately after she left speed dating to say what a great time she had had. Then she woke up at 6:01 the next morning (Feb. 1st) to set up a date for herself."

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To follow this juicy tea which he spilled all over the Big Apple ladies, Brian also revealed his text messages between him and Bethenny (she's the grey) to show he hadn't been texting her the way she tried to depict on the show and that she was actually the one trying to set a date up after speed dating.

This texts are so revealing and super juicy because it's the total opposite of what she was trying to convey on the show. Leaving important parts of the narrative has been a common theme with Bethenny this season after she tried to make Carole look like an asshole after the "wow, that's a lot" text message mishegas. Bethenny is getting exposed left and right and it seems to be all her own fault.

Brian hopes Carole will set the record straight about their situation at the reunion and updated us that he stays in touch with her but hasn't spoken to Bethenny at all.

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