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David Beador Breaks His Silence About Divorce And Shades Shannon Beador

This is a fucking mess.

After their divorce annoucement and David Beador getting a girlfriend weeks after, he is finally breking his silence and shading his loveable ex Shannon Beador in the process. Ugh. He is the actual WORST! Speaking to Page Six (which means he probably got paid) he expressed his feelings about Shannon filming her divorce for the show:

“I think it’s sad for our children, Shannon chooses to share any aspect of our pending divorce through the press and on Bravo’s different TV avenues and advertisers."

How else is she supposed to make an income?

The cheater is also clapping back at the claims Tamra made on The Real Housewives of Orange County season 13 premiere that she saw David had been commenting on his new girlfriend Lesley's Instagram page in October, which was when he was still married to Shannon:

“There are two sides to every story and relationship as everyone knows. I believe most people see through it though. Moreover, her and Tamra’s suggestion that Lesley and I met prior to my separation was a premeditated lie that I’m sure was talked about by the two of them prior to filming that scene. Nonetheless, Lesley is [a] beautiful, amazing, happy [woman] and mother. She and her family do not deserve the negative press those two conjure up.”

Umm. Why would Tamra make it up if she's on a show where viewers could check if there were comments or not. If she were going to lie wouldn't it be a better one about how "word on the street" he was cheating with her while he was still married because THAT would be juicy. David is already known as a cheater and an asshole to the Bravo community so I don't know why he's trying to save his reputation after his girlfriend already acted like an idiot on social media to defend him.

He ended the email to Page Six by claiming he wishes Shannon the best which is complete and utter bullshit, but here's the quote if you're interested:

“Finally, I will always wish Shannon the best and hope she finds happiness with the men she is and has been dating,”

Last week, David got matching tattoos with his girlfriend Lesley Cook (as evidence through her Instagram) which is sad, disturbing and just fucked up. He's been with this chick for less than a year (allegedly) and already getting inked up? Okay, David.

Do you believe him? Sound off in the comments!