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Danielle Staub Having Difficulties In Marriage After Husband Announced Breakup

Well, it looks like 20 times isn't the charm!

After their May wedding earlier this year, Danielle Staub's marriage isn't doing great with the resident Prostitution Whore's new husband announcing their breakup via an Instagram comment. What a fucking mess!

The reality TV Instagram fan account @RealityWives, posted a series of photos to celebrate the couple's relationship on May 9th, however, Marty Caffrey (her husband), replied in a comment today saying: “Sorry things didn’t work out baby. You aren’t what you pretended to be. Sad."

TWO HOURS after he left that comment he then deleted it and posted four photos in a row of him and Danielle to his private Instagram to try and do some damage control. Obviously, he was doing some drunk Instagramming or Danielle yelled at him to take it down. And how can you do damage control with a private Instagram account?

Following the social media mess, "a source" which means Danielle, told E! News they are having struggles in their marriage at the moment:

“Danielle is having some difficulties with her marriage right now and is hoping everything will work out. They are having problems and it's all very up on the air right now.

Apparently Danielle also held a birthday party for herself on Friday but her HUSBAND was not in attendance. She also unfollowed him on social media which is mess in it's highest degree. I'm expecting an (official) divorce announcement any day now. If you're husband is desperate/thirsty/sad/drunk enough to say you broke up in an Instagram comment - the marriage can't be that solid.

Danielle obviously came into this marriage with a plan to solidify her job on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. She secured her season 9 spot with a wedding storyline and now she'll probably secure her season 10 (if there is on) spot by having a divorce storyline. Let's see if the divorce will finally make Bravo give her a promotion!

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