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6 Reasons Why You Need To Be Watching Married To Medicine

These doctors and doctors wives of Atlanta are in their prime. After Dr Jackie's husband cheating on her opened everyone's eyes and made them focus on the imperfections in their own marriages it forced all the ladies to deliver and show their raw emotions as well all the petty drama that ensued last season which is spilling over into their upcoming one. For anyone who's been sleeping on Married To Medicine, it's time to grab a fucking stethoscope and dive right into all the shade and crazy antics because these ladies are delivering and you are missing out! If you still aren't convinced here are six reasons why you need to be watching:

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1. Housewives Replacement

The Real Housewives franchise is the diamond in Bravo's crown and the last twelve months have not been good for them. OC, Atlanta, New Jersey and definitely Beverly Hills have all been on the decline and it's time we start investing our reality TV energy into something else because the Housewives won't last forever. Married To Medicine is great alternative viewing (especially if you love Atlanta) because the drama is authentic, the shade is quick and it is just good TV. The Medicine ladies are like the Housewives distant cousins but I think it's time we give them the attention they rightfully deserve because they are delivering much more than their cousins.

2. Miss Quad, Miss Quad

This is Quad's season. The shade throwing fashionista diva of the south is officially getting divorced after going through a series of troubles with her doctor husband. When she wasn't crying in the trailer she was either going off on anyone in sight of being accused of stealing furniture. THE MESS! Quad is my favourite of the medical bunch and seeing her unravel in front of eyes is painful but it's going to be oh so entertaining and a key reason to tune. Who doesn't love watching a train wreck?

3. Marriage Mess

Quad isn't the only cast member struggling, can anyone on this show stay married? Simone and Cecil announced they weren't getting divorced but after he went out with another woman it looks like she might be done. You can't write this kind of marriage drama and we've got to watch just to see if this couple manages to make it out the other end together. Oddly enough Jackie and Curtis seem to be doing fine even though he had his penis up inside another woman only a year ago, so it's hard to predict how any of these relationships will turn out.

4. Tropical Vacations If you know me you know I love a tropical reality TV vacation. The sun makes people wear bikinis, drink more than they should and fight like crazy from the humidity, especially a bunch of black girls and their weaves. Then you add the husbands to the mess and the episodes write themselves. This season the medicine gang are heading to Miami and Antigua which gives me massive RHOA season vibes. The vacations are always the best episodes because the group are stuck in an isolated area with each other for an extended amount of time and you don't want to miss this one.

5. Mariah Is Back

After appearing as a friend since season three Mariah is back from probation and ready to fuck shit up. I'm not really sure why they decided now was the time for Messy Mariah to make her return but I am here for it because she's cussing people out and fighting with Quad which is what she does best. Miss Huq was the creator of the show so it's only fitting that the nucleus of the group​ returns to a fulltime position in their juiciest season yet.

6. Eagles Don't Roll With Chickens

As well as the return of Mariah and relationship drama, Tacky Toya is also getting herself into the mess of it all. I'm not sure if it's a new girl or if I just can't recognise the face but someone called her a chicken which means you know she is going to pop off. Tacky T also pushed someone for talking to her husband which will be great episode of reality TV. Seriously, if you've been sleeping on these girls it's the season to wake the fuck up.

Married To Medicine premieres September 2nd at 8/7c on Bravo! Check out the epic trailer below to get ready for a drama filled season!

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