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Cops Called On Summer House Cast In The Hamptons

Does anyone care about Summer House?

I've never really gotten into this show because I thought it was going to be a bad East Coast Vanderpump rip off and fizzle out after one season but somehow they managed to move onto their third which blows my mind. Would you guys want me to report on them more? Let me know.

As per usual, Page Six is reporting the police were called on the Summer House cast after neighbours found out they didn't have permits to film in Sag Harbor, who have been against the series from the start. They were celebrating Kyle Cook's birthday when the police pulled them over while driving around in a Lamborghini and a Ferrari:

"The cars made quite a bit of noise and drew the crowd’s attention. Someone called the cops, who showed up and told them they needed a filming permit and they couldn’t film from the back of their van."

The cast then made their way back to their rental house. No fines were given out but they probably won't be able to use the footage. This is a MASSIVE fail on Bravo's production side who should definitely know better.

Would you like me to report on this show more often? Sound off in the comments!

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