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Mike Shouhed Threatens To Expose Reza Farahan's Sex Secrets

The Shahs are still proving they're the messiest cast on Bravo.

On Thursday night's episode of Shahs Of Sunset, Reza Farahan had a lot to say about Mike Shouhed in his shady confessionals. The newly moustache-less reality star said his friend was shallow, talked trash about his new house, said he only likes to date hoes and some other shitty (but not entirely untrue) statements about his co-star.

(He also "joked" Mike had canker sores during his apperance on WWHL last week.)

Following the episode airing, Mike appeared on Watch What Happens Live with fellow Shahs star Golnesa Gharachedaghi and didn't hold back when Andy Cohen asked him about Reza's comments regarding him dating hoes. The disgruntled reality star said he is "full of crap and loves to throw daggers" before he gave us some premium Persian shade stating:

“I know the kind of guys he likes to date and what him and Adam do in private.”

SHHHAAADDEEEE! Andy's reaction was everything! (Watch the clip above).

Golnesa defended Mike after his threat to expose Reza's sex life with his husband and the possible threesomes that might go down by saying Mike was shocked when he watched the episode and saw that Reza had called him shallow. Um, has Mike heard himself speak?

I just hope Reza keeps running his mouth about Mike so the makeup junkie can spill some serious tea and throw some serious shade at the same time. In a clip of the Shahs Of Sunset: After Show last year Mike revealed Adam's nickname is pink jellybean (because of his tight, pink asshole) so obviously he isn't bluffing when he says he knows things about what Reza and Adam get up to in the sheets.

Check out the clip below.

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