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Bethenny Frankel & Dennis Shields Were Engaged Before His Death

It's so weird that he's actually gone.

Following Bethenny Frankel's on-and-off boyfriend Dennis Shield's overdose on Friday, she attended his funeral in Long Island today, however, we learnt another juicy nugget of information about their secretive relationship: they were engaged.

Although The Real Housewives of New York City star is on a reality show about her life, she mostly refuses to show the world anything that doesn't have to do with her dogs or Skinnygirl so naturally, it's pretty shocking to find out she was potentially going to get married. Sources close to Bethenny (so Bethenny) told People:

“He proposed to her with a ring in April. She wasn’t wearing the ring,” the friend says. “There were some hurdles to overcome before she could make that level of a commitment. She loved him. He’s her family and her best friend and her confidante. Her partner and her business partner.”

He proposed back in April and it took until his death in August for us to find out? The source continued that very few people knew about their engagement, however, he had apparently asked her to marry him in the past but never with a ring. Her response to Dennis asking to marry her was a typical Bethenny Frankel response. The source shared:

“She didn’t say no,” the friend says. “She would have loved to have married him, but there were some hurdles to overcome first."

It's unknown if the couple were still together leading up to his death but I think it's probably unlikely. The same "source" explained she had spoken to him in the past week before his death and wanted to make it work but they were still sorting out their issues. After the funeral, Bethenny finally broke her silence on his death posting this photo of Dennis with her dead dog Cookie:

In hindsight, I'm guessing the hurdles could've been his possible drug addiction? That explains why she could only vaguely answer why they could never stay together whenever she was asked about it on the show. But like RuPaul always says: if you can't love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love someone else?

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