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Danielle Staub Files Restraining Order Against Husband Following Police Being Called To House

There is SO much tea to report!

Following Danielle Staub's relationship drama last month where her husband of two months Marty Caffrey announced they were divorcing in an Instagram comment and released a THREE-PAGE statement accusing her of emotional and finanical abuse, the police were called to their house on Sunday night AND she filed a restraining order.

Page Six is reporting the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office in New Jersey were called to Danielle's house for a domestic dispute with her husband claiming she came home to see her husband drunk and went upstairs to avoid fighting but then discovered HE had removed her family photos:

“After hearing a disturbing noise in another area of the residence she walked downstairs and found [Caffrey]. Then she realized that several of her family portraits of her children and other sentimental framed photographs had been taken down causing her to be upset.”

Obviously, they started fighting and Marty called the police but when they arrived Danielle filed a restraining order against her soon-to-be ex-husband after she believed he was attempting to tarnish her reputation by making "false" statements to the media.

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Danielle, you had sex in the toilet on TV and you're known as Prostitution Whore. Your repuation is already tarnished. He was then given 20 minutes to leave the home and cannot go near her place of work or home. The order is valid until they are due in court on August 20.

The couple previously both got legal representation for their impending divorce. In a statement to Radar Online Danielle's people stated she received a letter from her husband advising her to retain legal counsel. They also said:

“The two attorneys spoke and both sides agreed to keep this matter private. It’s disappointing to her that only 48 hours later that understanding is apparently no longer being honored.”​

What a fucking mess! Of course Danielle has this drama after only being married for two months. Now I guess she's going to start looking for #21.

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