Danielle Staub's Husband Gets His Own Restraining Order & Accuses Her Of Domestic Violence

Looks like he has a major case of buyers regret.

Marty Caffrey obviously had no idea what he was in for when he agreed to propose to reality TV's resident Prostitution Whore Danielle Staub. Following their domestic dispute on Sunday, the cops were called to their home and she filed a restraining order against him. Now Marty is doing the same thing.

He filed his own temporary restraining order following the event and spilled some major tea in the court documents. Radar Online obtained the documents which revealed Danielle was angry ever since his attorney sent her a letter claiming he was filing for divorce and she apparently threatened to stab him in the neck.

Danielle claimed in their blowout on Sunday that Marty had removed her family photos from their home, which he also stated in his own TRO saying she became very upset as she was "disheveled and under the influence of something," and yelled "You do not mess with my babies."

The subtle shade Marty is throwing with "influence of something."

Apart from their most recent fight, Marty also detailed ALL the abuse he claims has gone down in their relationship and there is a whole lot of juicy scoop. The jilted soon-to-be ex-husband claims she has threatened to stab in the neck several times (that seems like her thing). The TRO also stated:

“[Staub] has hit [Caffrey] in the face and chest on multiple occasions with open and closed fist and scratched him on the face and lips during one incident," the source shared, "“[Staub] has thrown a stapler and kitchen utensils at [Caffrey]. [Staub] goes on screaming tangents loud enough for the neighbors to hear whenever [Caffrey] disagrees with her. [Staub] would scream derogatory things about [Caffrey] and his children.”

That's not even the half of it. He said she tried to run him over because he tried to park his car in the garage and then charged at him with a baseball bat. One time, he was scared after he went to have a shower and locked the bathroom door but saw her standing in the doorway when he got out of the shower. He asked her how she got in and she said: "I have experience."

This is comedy gold. Poor Marty that he had to put up with this but can you imagine if the RHONJ cameras captured the true psycho side of her and not the nice yoga side? Maybe they could finally get their ratings back up.

Naturally, Danielle and her legal team denied the claims saying:

"The claims being made are beyond preposterous and clearly a knee-jerk reaction to Danielle’s filing. I cannot imagine there is a single person gullible enough to believe any of this nonsense. If even ten percent of these claims were true, any normal person would have already filed for divorce Opens a New Window. or, better yet, not married the person in the first place. This is laughable."

What do they mean they can't believe a "single person gullible enough to believe this," are they forgetting about season one and two of New Jersey where she brought armed men with her to film a reality show? I believe everything Marty is saying. Either he's telling the truth or a pathological liar because you can't make this shit up.

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