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The Real Housewives of New York: Season 10 Cast Ranked!

In a year of decline for the Housewives franchise, The Real Housewives of New York City once again proved it’s the best city in Bravo’s lineup in another consistently good season for the show and probably one of the best in Housewives history. With the deeply confusing rift between Bethenny and Carole which subsequently divided the entire cast, Luann getting arrested and the whole cast and crew almost dying on their international vacation, this is the best Housewives city because these women have authentic relationships with each other and give zero fucks ala their former Queen Bee. They're genuinely funny and could easily have their own ABC comedy. After a stellar season of reality TV check our power rankings of the season 10 cast:

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7. Tinsley Mortimer

Do I really have to explain why Mugshot Mortimer comes in last place? The only thing Tinsley and her eyelashes did this season was trying on a wedding dress when she wasn’t even engaged, cry about her frozen eggs (not even her embryos) in said dress, move hotel rooms two floors up and crawl into Carole’s dusty asshole. Tinsley’s life is that of a Barbie doll: she has blonde hair, a nice place to live and changes her clothes almost as much as she breaks up with the Coupon King. It would be fun to live in a world where your biggest worry is coming up with fake storylines to make yourself seem more relatable but the stakes aren’t high and she doesn’t add anything but audience induced eyerolls to this amazing cast. Tinsley and her screechy voice are definitely the weakest links.

6. Dorinda Medley

This was not Dorinda’s best season. Mrs Medley’s drunk antics and temper worked in the past because she was often the voice of reasons in her fights with Sonja, however, this year she picked the wrong battles with Lady Morgan for everything (even her fucking shoes) and the fans weren’t on her side which she definitely wasn’t expecting it. I don’t think she’s an alcoholic but she took her feud with Luann way too far and it's no secret she gets mean when she drinks. Dorinda back peddled majorly on her conversation on the plane which caused her to lose several points, it was an open and real moment about her life but once she was back in the NYC bubble she got embarrassed and retracted all her statements. The humour behind her slurring ways and "Back It Up" fingers were replaced with sad undertone this season, she wasn’t the funny, gif-able, honest Dorinda who owns all her mistakes this year and I hope we get Old Dorinda back.

5. Ramona Singer

Number 5 is actually a good spot for Ramona who made a conceded effort not to colour outside the lines this year which is tough when you’re the conductor of the Ramona Coaster. Apart from “launching” her skincare line Ramona’s only position in the group was staying out of drama and attempting to be the peacemaker except calling out Bethenny for not supporting women. Ramona finally found something where she is in the right against Bethenny and she is pushing it hard. However, Ramona had a pretty breezing season, she’s still hot, fun and this is the New Beginnings Ramona she should keep around for the rest of her days.

4. Sonja Morgan

Lady Morgan is the most underrated player on this show. The scenes in her townhouse are comedy gold whether she has plastic around her bed, is running around in a diaper, attempting to clean before the real estate agents come over or trying to sexually harass any male (or even female) who is brave enough to step foot into Grey Gardens. I could watch a live stream of Sonja every day and not be disappointed. She was alienated for most of the season and became Dorinda’s number one target which just emphasised Sonja's position as a victim in their beef. Luckily Bethenny also found herself without friends which allowed Sonja and her sexy J to finally crawl up her skinny ass. She didn’t do much this season and if she wasn’t my favourite she probably wouldn’t have ranked this high but: if being a Sonja loyalist is wrong, why does it feel so right?

3. Carole Radziwill

Although this is her sixth season it really felt like the first time Carole had decided to actually play the role of a Housewife and not the witty onlooker. Whether you like the Writer Girl of hate her, she was one half of the epic Bethenny/Carole divide and she ranks this high just for that. The wannabe Carrie Bradshaw and her new edgy, youthful, filter using personality and friendship with Tinley rubbed me the wrong way at the beginning of the season, however, morally I am #TeamCarole. I’m still not sure why they don’t like each other but it’s evident she was over being a supporting cast member on The Bethenny Show and actually wanted to finally perform the role she’s been paid to for six years: become a RHONY. I don’t think Carole changed, I just think we finally started to listen to her but we won’t be hearing her voice anymore after she may or may not have been fired at the hands of her former bestie. As much as I admire Carole's courage, you can't go against Bethenny without receiving a pink slip.

2. Bethenny Frankel

This has been the worst season for Skinnygirl but she still delivered amazing TV from her own little island. Yes, I know she’s grieving right now but that doesn’t excuse her shitty behaviour this season. Bethenny started off in her Queen Bee position but after her beef with Carole, her only allies were Lu and Sonja after her bitchy ways pissed off the rest of the cast. Even Kevin ditched her. Apart from continuing to push her Skinnygirl jeans and show off her charity work (yes, that is a good thing) it became apparent she doesn’t support women and gets jealous anytime anyone else tries to sell their goods on TV.

She is the most critical woman on the show (and maybe this planet) but does the exact same things she ridicules people for. After being a Bethenny loyalist for years my eyes are finally open to her fame-hungry ways and how she tries to create alternative narratives of what really happens to make herself look better. See: her entire fight with Carole. Bethenny and her downfall were a major part of the season and seeing her cry on a grimy Colombian bathroom floor while the rest of the ladies couldn't have given less Frankel fucks basically summed up her entire season.

1. Luann de Lesseps

The Countess got arrested after trying to have sex in a hotel room that wasn’t hers and threatened to kill a police officer. Do I need to explain further why she took out the top spot? She started the season fresh from her divorce full of denial with Tom, got arrested, went to rehab and ended the season rising like a phoenix from the West Palm Beach ashes with her cabaret show and her newfound self-aware sober life. The Countess officially left the building this season which allowed Lu to be the most honest and real she’s been in her decade on television. She was also the undisputed winner in her dumb feud with Dorinda which they still haven’t resolved because we all know she relapsed and skipped the reunion. Although she declined off-season I’m ready for Lu to return in all her drag queen excellence next season because if there's one resilient bitch who has proven to come back from tough times over and over again - it's Luann de Lesseps.

Do you agree with our ranking? Sound off in the comments below!

The Real Housewives of New York City airs Wednesday at 9/8c on Bravo! Stay tuned at Good Tea for our exclusive tea and shady recaps on the Big Apple ladies.

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