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Dorito Kemsley Confronted In Bahamas About Swimwear Lawsuit

Move over Season One Camille, Dorito is really is the most Hated Housewife!

The entire Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast: Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, Erika Jayne, Dorito Kemsley, Teddi Mellencamp, Camille Grammar and Denise Richards are filming their first season nine trip in the Bahamas and while there's always drama between the women, it looks like Dorito's even pissed off the resort locals!

While running around the pool with an unknown woman in a bikini, Jasmine Lennard a UK reality TV personality who goes on all those "Celebrity" reality shows confronted the accent confused Housewife after she (allegedly) never paid her ex-business partner Ryan Horne, who is now suing her for $300K.

The UK reality star tweeted before the confrontation:

Jasmine then filmed herself asking Dorito about not paying her business partner his money while she pretended to look confused, ran behind the security and then away with the random girl she was with. It's unknown if cameras were rolling but I'm doubtful this will actually make it onto the show. WATCH the epic video below:

Following the incident Jasmine took to Twitter and was spilling all the tea about Dorito and her husband PK claiming he tried to have sex with her, he's broke and he nearly got her friend sent to jail.

Who knows if this true but it's juicy as fuck and knowing Dorito, it doesn't seem... untrue.

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