Thomas Ravenel & Trashley Jacobs Reunite

This relationship is more resilient than Kim Kardashian's vagina!

Following the news Thomas Ravenel had officially announced he "quit" the show and decided to call it quits with his insane sugar baby Trashley Jacobs, it seems like things might not be completely over.

The two were spotted eating together, via Messy Mermaid Instagram account, at Home Team BBQ in West Ashley, South Carolina on Saturday, August 18 where they were caught having drinks. Check out the complete and utter fuckery of a photo below:

We don't know if this was a romantic meal or just the two catching up to renegotiate the terms of their arrangement but the source revealed they were "all happy together." From that photo is seems like they are MORE than happy. Who knew it snowed during Summer in Charleston...

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