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Shade of the Week: Jason Hoppy

Who would have ever thought when we met Jason Hoppy as Bethenny Frankel's prince charming back in 2010 that their relationship would become the clusterfuck it is today. When he first came onto the scene he was a college educated nice guy from Pennsylvania who seemed like he grounded Bethenny and was only around the cameras because it was his girlfriend's job but would rather stay home and watch the game. He was the type of guy who would have fingered you at a preppy summer camp by the lake while everyone else was around the campfire but would still smile at you and not be an asshole about it the next day. The 2018 Jason would become the Jason (in the Friday the 13th sense) of the summer camp.

Things seemed to have started out amazing for the two, they were the cutest couple on Bravo, both educated individuals in their late thirties, got pregnant/engaged in the first minute of meeting each other, had an over the top pregnant wedding and were then awarded their own spinoff. It was literally the reality TV dream, Housewives nowadays can only dream of the fame, thirst and attention these two lovebirds were given by Bravo in the early days of the franchise but I've never narrowed down on the reason why they broke up or why Jason has become so hell-bent on destroying her life. Is her Skinnygirl pussy that good? Does she have a lime and salted rim up in there or something? If you've watched five minutes of any episode of The Real Housewives of New York City post-Bethenny's return then you know her divorce with Jason has been a nightmare.

Upon examining this relationship without any clear explanation of what really went down, I think the blame should be placed on how quickly it developed. Both parties obviously got caught up in the fame and the subconscious, biological clock aware voice in the back of Bethenny's head probably pushed her into starting her fairytale with this man she didn't really know. Bethenny Ever After is literally Carrie Bradshaw in the first Sex And The City movie, maybe Jason should have left her at the altar to bring her back to earth. Once they were in the marriage, he started working for her which is probably the worst mistake a couple can make, especially when the man is the one working for a woman. I'm all for girl power and feminism but when you have a traditional, stubborn, egotistical man in the passenger's seat they are going to have more resentment than Mama June has underboob sweat. Look at Bruce Jenner! She's also stated they were incompatible and their fights were crazy so I'm sure that dynamic didn't help the power struggle and opposing values in their household.

Ever since she went to her lawyers' office and filed the divorce paperwork the devil horns on Jason flipped up and all her Skinnygirl money went directly into those lawyers deep, deep pockets. I don't know if he's trying to hold onto the lifestyle she afforded him or he just has that much resentment towards her that if he can't make her miserable living with her then he'll just drain her bank account on legal fees. I don't know, but I don't see the motivation behind their bitterness.

Their divorce took four years (double the amount of the marriage) due to all the spousal support and custody drama but finally when Bethenny saw a glimmer of light at the end of the Holland Tunnel, Jason's 5150 ways reared it's ugly head and started stalking and harassing her at their daughters school and via emails which resulted in him getting a restraining order. Apart from the anger, they both share with each other he's also done weird sadistic shit like leave his (literal) shit and piss all over their bathroom while they were broken up but still living together and even repeatedly called Bethenny Bernadette after her mother. I've officially converted over to #TeamCarole after this season but this level of complete and utter fuckery is probably the reason she's as crazy as she is.

Surely Jason can't look in the mirror and be proud of himself and if he is then he needs a Luann de Lesseps Palm Beach style rehab visit. I'm certain Bethenny was NO picnic to live with either but Jason looks like a genuinely horrible person and hasn't done anything to even try to reform his image. Is he that out of touch he doesn't know how he comes across, does he think he looks good or does he just not care? His latest cunty move and the topical reason for him to be this week's shade was using Dennis Shield's death against a grieving Bethenny in their custody case.

As mental as Jason is, I don't believe Bethenny should be suing for full custody because every person deserves to see their children, unless there is abuse involved, but involving a dead person, especially if it was sudden and tragic in a custody case they have NOTHING to do with looks bad for Jason on all fronts. How the fuck did he think the judge would sympathise with him after the man he was shitting on was only buried like two days earlier. Isn't there a friend or family member who can talk sense into him? When this drama is over, how is Jason going to recover? What does he do for a living, live off what Bethenny is court ordered to give him? I can't picture him clocking into the office every morning with coworkers and other human beings. And how is he ever supposed to date? Any woman with a brain would have at least a vague idea of who he is and if she doesn't then I'm sure her friends will fill her in. It's all good to act like a crazy cunt during a strenuous divorce but you've got to be prepared to potentially never enter anyone again by doing so.

The restraining order, divorce and custody drama is the mounting backstory in Jason's eventual Snapped episode because he's definitely got a hot serial killer vibe going on. Well semi-hot, when you're that creepy and crazy then the attractiveness tends to subside. Out of all this mess, one thing is sure, Bethenny is going to have to work overtime to provide their daughter with the best team of therapists Skinnygirl money can buy!