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Dina Manzo Reveals Why She Has Beef With Dolores Catania

This is the RHONJ alliance we need!

Jeff Lewis is a shit stirrer who manages to squeeze all the juice he can out of any and all Bravolebrities on his show and that's not shade, it's facts! His juice squeezing techniques worked on his latest radio guest: Dina Manzo.

The former New Jersey Housewife appeared on Jeff Lewis Live and spilled all the tea she could about her former cast members. In short: she hasn't spoken to her sister Caroline Manzo in two years, she's cool with her brother Chris & sister-in-law Jacqueline but she no longer talks to her former bestie Dolores Catania.

Dina was friends with Dolores long before reality TV, in fact, Miss Catania was supposed to appear in the original season one cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey because she was (real) friends with Teresa, Jacqueline, Caroline and Dina, however, she got cold feet and was replaced by Danielle Staub.

During the interview, Dina shared she does believe Dolores was talking shit about Teresa to Danielle during last season because she once heard her talking trash about her own (Dina's) ex-husband while they were on a trip together that he was paying for but still remains close with him up to this day.

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After that incident of shit talking Dina claims she "downgraded" the friendship and Dolores then started hanging out with Jacqueline again to try and get a spot on the show, which she finally got in season seven, and Dina and Dolores haven't communicated since.

Swipe through the Instagram post below to listen to the juicy interview:

Dolores is literally an OG of Jersey which is why she's such a good fit and even though she and Dina never shared the TV screen together it's sad to see their friendship dissolve. For season 10 we need Teresa, Dina, Caroline, Jacqueline, Danielle & Dolores and lock them all in a room because that would be pure reality TV magic with all their lengthy family history.

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