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Dorito Kemsley's Husband PK Sued For Unpaid $2 Million Gambling Debt

Don't gamble kids!

Following Dorito Kemsley being sued earlier this month for (allegedly) scamming her bikini business partner out of the money he was supposed to receive, which resulted in her being confronted by his friend while filming The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in The Bahamas, she has another issue on her hands.

Their legal and finanical problems are only growing. The Blast is reporting that now her husband PK is being sued by Las Vegas casino Bellagio Hotel and Casino for $2 million.

Holy shit. How bad is he at gambling if he owes THAT much money?

He originally owed the casino $3.6 million and was sued back in 2013 for the money and paid back $875,000 at the time. PK then filed bankrupcy in the UK following the payments which automatically wiped his debt free.

However, the twist is the casino still wanted their money because they were never notifed about the bankrupcy and believed the UK order wasn't valid because he owed the money in America. After this he paid back $575,000, although with interest he still owes $2 million.

Interest is a bitch.

The casino and PK agreed to a settlement where he would need to make payments until June 2018 but he stopped paying in MAY 2018. Really PK? You couldn't pay for one more month? Now the casino is taking legal action and want a judge to order him to pay the existing balance, which may include seizing his assets.

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This is so juicy! Now that the couple have their own his and hers lawsuits then this will definitely be a major topic of conversation during the new season which is filming right now. I've had my suspicions about this couple's finances ever since they appeared on TV and now everything is catching up with them.

Thoughts! Sound off in the comments!

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