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Tori Spelling Hires Teddi Mellencamp As Accountability Coach

This is the best tea I've EVER heard!

I may be a little late to the party, but People Magazine confirmed Tori Spelling has hired Teddi Mellencamp as her accountability coach to help lose weight after her fifth child. She did give birth in March 2017, but who's counting! The Beverly Hills, 90210 star stated:

“I found that after having the fifth baby the weight didn’t come off as easily as with my previous children. I wasn’t hitting the weight loss goals I had set for myself,” Spelling says. “I know many other moms struggle with this as well.”

Teddi's accountability coaching is expensive so I'm not sure how Tori would be able to afford to pay for something telling her not to eat a donut but maybe they have a deal? I don't know but apparently it was the missing puzzle piece in Tori's quest to lose weight.

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Really? Getting calls to make sure you did a sit up each day is the missing puzzle? Tori shared:

"I talked to Teddi Mellencamp and her team of accountability coaches at All In by Teddi and realized that what they offered was the missing piece to the puzzle,” Spelling shares. “Since I’ve been working with All In by Teddi I’ve been so happy with the progress I’ve made and proud of my accomplishments while safely hitting my goals!”

We may have reported false tea that Tori would be joining The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after a scam was posted on Facebook (and I stupidly believed it) but I hope this finally gets Tori onto the show. She's ALREADY friends with Lisa Rinna and Denise Richards so maybe Teddi can bring her to a party or have a scene helping her be a accountable. She's the missing messy puzzle piece on the show.

If Teddi can't flaunt her celebrity clients on the show, what's the point?

Thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

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