Jen Harley Claims Producers Forced Her To Film Jersey Shore By Stealing Her Dog

The real show is BEHIND the camera.

On Jerzday night, we saw Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's baby mama spit and lunge at him during their very explosive fight. She came to the Vegas hotel room TWICE to confront him, but now like most scorned reality stars she's blaming editing for making her look bad.

The adjacent reality star, Jen Harley, took to her Instagram story in two posts to share her story behind the fight claiming her dog went missing after the producers showed up at her house and MTV wouldn't tell her anything about it until she was miced up. She also said her yelling had nothing to do with the baby or Ronnie calling her names. In the post she explains:

She continued in a second post saying they edited out her side of the story and only showed her flipping out:

It seems like the producers may have stolen (and killed) her dog to get her to appear on the show which is a little extreme, but producers setting up situations and manipulating cast members behind the scenes to get some drama started isn't anything new.

She may have shown up because of the dog but she can't say she wasn't yelling at him for calling her names because we LITERALLY HEARD her yelling at him for calling her a whore and a slut. Editing can do a lot but it can't make a person say words they never said.

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