Kourtney Kardashian & Younes Bendjima Back Together

Another Kardashian is off the market!

Even though it may seem Kourtney Kardashian gave less than zero fucks about her breakup with her barely legal 26-year-old boyfriend Younes Bendjima, they decided to reconcile anyway.

The couple were spotted in her car with the window rolled down outside a sushi place in Malibu, according to this PERFECT picture taken by TMZ. They have all the receipts. Apparently it's unknown if they actually ate together or just spoke but their conversation must have meant something.

Hours later, Us Weekly confirmed the two were officially back together saying:

“There was some miscommunication” but “they worked it out and are giving it another shot.” The insider adds that the 26-year-old model “is a really sweet guy.”

How quickly do you think it took Kris Jenner to pass this little nugget of information along? And couldn't Kourtney just roll her tinted window up?

Their split seemed pretty ugly considering the fact he maybe, probably, kinda cheated (or rebounded) with a professional THOT in Mexico and then the Kardashian Klan decided to shade him on social media.

Maybe after the video of Younes brutally bashing a random guy he decided to get back together after he realised the Kardashians may or may not have been behind the leak? WHO KNOWS, but I'm looking at Kris.

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