Quad Webb-Lunceford Calls Out Husband Over Divorce On Talk Show

There's no need to make this terrible marriage last even longer.

After the season six Married To Medicine premiere which focused around Quad Webb-Lunceford and her doctor husband's mistress coming forward about her experience with him, the reality star decided to shade him with her "real friends" on her talk show Sister Circle.

The group showed footage of Quad having martial problems in the trailer and the talk show host who is always quick with the shade called out her husband for delaying their divorce saying:

"[He is] still very disrespectful, he is. Get your paperwork done and let’s get this done. See here’s the thing: if you want to live single, you got to do the work to be single."

Quad filed for divorce from her estranged husband in May 2018 and subsequently stole all the furniture out of their martial home, so it looks like Dr G is trying to prolong this divorce as a long as possible because he still hasn't signed the papers but has been obviously acting like a single guy. See: mutual head.

She continued to slam her soon-to-be ex by saying:

"Hear me when I say what I said to you, Dr. Gee. If you want to be single – you’re living single right now with your trips and everything, but let me tell you this. If you want to be single, do the paperwork so you can be single. Mines is in. Let’s go. Enough. Let’s go."

I don't understand why he doesn't just sign the papers because he cheated and they both HATEeach other with a passion, so there is NO reason to stay legally married. You wouldn't think HE is the psychiatrist of the group.

Check out the shady video below!

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