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Jeff Lewis & Jenni Pulos Are No Longer Friends

The Will & Grace of reality TV is officially over.

After they became famous together through their hit show in 2007, over a decade later Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos have finally made a decision to end their long time friendship and from what sources are saying, it seems permanent.

According to People, their differences became “too big to overcome” and resulted in the end of their relationship. The publication only provided vague reasons behind the duos split which will apparently be featured on the next season of Flipping Out. The source explained:

“It was a combination of things,” the second source explains. “They both had different priorities pushing them in opposite directions. … It was only a matter of time before it eventually exploded. They’ll never come back from this. It’s over.”

After Jenni returned from maternity leave she apparently had many of her jobs redistributed to other people. Jeff allegedly even promoted her but she “felt entitled to more than Lewis could give her,” and he started to believe “she wasn’t invested in the same way he was.”

Obviously Jeff’s people were the ones who sold this story.

The fight that ended their friendship is believed to be apart of the new season, so at least we will get clarity on the split:

“It was a horrible fight that was uncomfortable for everyone around them to watch,” the source says. “There were too many hurt feelings there and they both just unleashed on one another.”

It’s unknown if the show will continue past season 11 due to their friendship being the glue behind the show but it was said that the two will never film together:

“They’ll never film together again,” the third insider says. “Jeff has cut people out of his life before who wronged him, and that’s where Jenni sits now. This feels like a goodbye, at least for her.”

This is really sad. This really hit home because they have been (actual) friends on and off camera for two decades, so it must have been a REALLY bad fight to end the relationship. It’s always sad when business ruins a personal relationship.

The new season of Flipping Out premieres Tuesday 11th on Bravo.

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