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Jeff Lewis Opens Up About Nasty Feud With Jenni Pulos

This beef is deep.

Following the news Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos had a falling out and are no longer friends, Jeff took to his radio show Jeff Lewis Live to try and get ahead of the story and reveal what really happened before the season starts airing next week. If this beef means anything it's amazing press for their show.

As usual, Jeff didn't hold anything back and confirmed we will definitely see their split this season which will air towards the end of the season in either episode 9 or 10. Jeff revealed the reason behind their rift after being friends for a long time saying:

“Now, we’ve been very good friends, and pretty much brother and sister I would say for like 15 or 16 years. So look, we’ve been through a lot together and we had fights before, and this fight was very much like maybe a little more heated…I had offered some unsolicited career advice [and] that’s where it escalated. She said that she had given up her acting career to work for me, and that really hurt my feelings because I felt like I have done nothing but accommodate her, for her auditions and meetings and all of that.”

He confirmed that following the fight they civilly agreed Jenni would move on from his company and had a lunch where she agreed to be a friend of the show in the future, however, after he believed they were on good terms his friend of almost two decades apparently filed a report against him to their production company for abuse and victimisation. He explained:

“Our friendship was very well intact. I was looking forward to [having her] by my side if there was a spinoff, which we talked about with Bravo, which has since been taken off the table,” said Jeff. “I got a call from the production company. It was an impromptu conference call with the owner of the production company with my showrunner, the person that runs the show. I was told that I was allegedly reported for abuse and victimization.”

This Monday, things got worse when Jenni allegedly filed another report against Jeff for wrongful termination from the show. Things got even worse with lawyers possibly getting involved and Jeff believes his former rapping friend could be gearing up to sue him:

“Then there were also allegations of a hostile work environment so somebody’s talking to an attorney which scares me. And that’s why I’m trying to get in front of this right now. And I want people to know what happened. It put my entire career in jeopardy. My family, my livelihood, my everything,” he shared. “But I have been cleared of [everything]. I would never do that to her.”

After talking about all this behind the scenes drama and revealing spoilers from the new show Jeff admitted he will probably be fired after this rant and that Flipping Out will probably be cancelled, but he had to risk losing his show in order to get ahead of the story:

“I do realize I just lost my job. I just lost my f**king job. I’m pretty sure of that at this point. But that is something that I had to risk because I need to get in front of this story."

He also revealed Jenni hasn't been working with his company for a few years now and was only an employee of Bravo:

“She shows up the day of filming. She leaves the day that we are done filming. She doesn’t work for me 7 months out of the year. I think it’s important to address that because in the PEOPLE article, there are claims that I have reduced her responsibilities after her pregnancy leave. She is not employed by me. I don’t pay her. She’s not on my payroll. I need to make that clear."

He also stated Jenni has gone rogue on Bravo and won't be doing ANY press for the new season and he then tried to thank Bravo and all the executives for giving him this job for the last 11 seasons. Either this is his goodbye or he's trying to kiss ass to stay on the show. Whatever his goal was, he revealed he got a text from Andy Cohen, his boss at Radio Andy SiriusXM, saying "we need to talk."

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