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Dorito Kemsley & Lisa Vanderpump Feuding Over Rescue Dog

Bitches fighting over bitches!

This dog fight is way too confusing so I'm going to break it down step by step. Radar Online initially reported Dorito Kemsley adopted a dog from Vanderpump Dogs and then returned it to another animal shelter, however, like most articles Radar Online put out into the world this one was false.

Following the report, sources (Dorito) told People Magazine, she adopted the dog but after it bit her daughter during the summer she gave the animal to a friend of hers after she had discussed this with Lisa Vanderpump who understood and was okay with it. Everything was fine. The source says:

"It was a bad bite. It was pretty traumatic. Dorit and PK talked it out and decided that the best thing to do was find a new loving home for the dog.The Kemsleys found a home, but before placing the dog with its new family, Dorit called Vanderpump and told her what had happened before asking for her blessing." The source says "Vanderpump understood."

However there was a plot twist. The dog didn't work out with the new family either and they later returned it to a different animal shelter, which then notifed Vanderpump Dogs through the microchip. LVP then "completely caught (Dorito) off guard by bringing it up," during filming because Dorito didn't even know the dog was no longer living with the family.

Like most RHOBH feuds, the cause of the issue isn't actually the issue, it's the fact that it happened on camera. Dorito felt betrayed that LVP addressed it on camera and surprised her about the problem. Sources elaborated:

"Lisa caught Dorit completely off guard by bringing it up," says the source. "Dorit had no idea that the dog wasn’t still with the family. Now, the source says Kemsley is "really hurt" by the whole situation with Vanderpump."Dorit is devastated by this," says the source. "Lisa did eventually acknowledge that she believes Dorit had the best of intentions. But right now, Dorit is unconvinced of the same with Lisa."

Lisa also got caught up by TMZ and repeated the exact same story to the cameraman but was very nice about her friendship with Dorito. Obviously she is in the dog house. Pun definitely intended.

In short, they aren't feuding because Dorito gave the dog back to the shelter, they are feuding because LVP brought it up on camera and the accent confused housewife got pissed about it. Ugh. Another boring season of RHOBH to look forward to!

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