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Mike Shouhed & Nema Vand Got Into Nasty Instagram Feud

Who doesn't love an Instagram beef?

Athough everything seems fine between Mike Shouhed and Nema Vand on camera of this season of Shahs Of Sunset, the two reality stars have been coming for each other on social media which is always juicy to see.

It started when the newbie posted a group shot of the cast waiting to FaceTime Mike on tonight's new episode with the caption: “When you try and FaceTime @mikeshouhed on NOWRUZ and he won’t answer. What’s he hiding? New #SHAHS tomorrow!”

Of course, this triggered Mike who left a bitch response in the comments section below. Either he's mad that he used a common phrase and said he was hiding OR there's a beef between these two we don't know about.

Following his comment, the makeup and botox lover got messy and posted a screenshot of Nema's post with the caption:

"Never ever let some newcomer bitch, come in...try to steal your shine & discount all the hard work you put in! This is the FIRST ethnic reality show ever for Bravo!! WE: @gg_golnesa @rezafarahan@mercedesjavid built this show on our backs! Put our lives on the line, shared every moment, every emotion & every feeling with you amazing fans!!! The good, the very bad, the ugly, the amazing, the funny, the ups & downs! We are one of the top rated shows on @bravotv for a reason...because we put in hard fuxking work & keep it 100% real...ALWAYS IN ALL WAYS #Shahs"

That seems like A LOT just because he said he was hiding. Then the newcomer clapped back in the comments calling him old and telling him to take care of his girlfriend, and Mike replied by saying he should've beat his ass and his girlfriend wanted him to. Maybe Nema hit on Morgan, we've seen him attempt to cheat before.

Where were Nema's balls during the season. Either he stepped up his game or he's just a keyboard warrior.

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