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Thomas Ravenel (Finally) Arrested For Sexual Assault

Justice has been (sort of) served.

On the same day Bill Cosby was sentenced to three to ten years in state prison, Charleston's own creep Thomas Ravenel was arrested on assault and battery charges after his former nanny came forward to accuse him of sexual assaulting and raping her.

The felon turned reality star turned rapist turned himself into authorities at 9am on Tuesday September 25th after a warrant had been placed for his arrest. Nanny Dawn came forward with her allegations in May and after detectives investigated the situation, found witnesses who can corroborate the story and saw photos of the victim's injuries, they finally had enough evidence to put this pig behind bars for once and for all.

According to an affidavit, Dawn detailed her shocking story of the naked assault, which has now been open to the public for viewing. Trigger alert warning below. The document reads:

“While inside the location, the defendant undressed and made sexual advances on the victim. The defendant grabbed the victim’s hand and placed it on his penis before attempting to removed the victim’s clothing. While attempting to remove the victim’s clothing, the victim’s underwire bra cut into her skin and her shirt wrapped around her neck, which caused the victim to struggle to breathe.’”

He then pulled HER pants down and said "Show me your p—y," before he began grabbing her vagina. She then crouched down to the floor to try and prevent him from assaulting which was when he put his penis in her face and said "Do you like big dicks?"

Thomas literally pulled a Donald Trump. And don't flatter yourself, we all know he has a micropenis. The affidavit continued to read:

“After escaping the assault, the victim called her then ex-husband and sister and told them of the incident, fled the scene and notified several family members of the incident. Photographs were then taken immediately of the injures to her neck and chest.”

Dawn maintains that she was raped after the incident. Bravo FINALLY confirmed he won't be returning to any future seasons of Southern Charm, something we already knew. T-Rape was released on $20K bond which will only be paid if he fails to appear in court.

There has finally been some justice for his disgusting ways and let's just hope he gets punished to the full extent of the law for this abusive and sickening behaviour. Karma's a bitch and she's alive and well in Charleston, South Carolina.

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