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Gretchen Rossi Joining Jim Bellino's Defamation Case Against Tamra Judge & Shannon Beador

What the actual fuck.

After Jim Bellino filed paperwork to sue Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador for talking trash about him during Heather McDonald's Live Juicy Scoop Podcast taping, it looks like there may be another ghost of the OC's past jumping on board.

The former house husband who is now requesting to see copies of Heather, Tamra and Shannon's texts from before the show because he believes they planned to discuss him, is now asking Gretchen Rossi to help him in his case.

Jim wants her and Slade Smiley to testify on his behalf to show the two current Housewives have a "pattern" of discussing their past cast members and “harbor ill-will, anger or hostility” toward them. The couple told Page Six they would definitely "speak the truth" if subpoenaed. Gretchen Christine is probably rehearsing as we speak.

He is now saying they accused him of going to jail, selling cocaine, getting someone paralyzed at his trampoline park and being a faux Christan. Come on Jim, everyone would have forgotten about it by now: they were JOKING. This is just embarrassing on Jim's behalf, obviously he needs the money or he's just pissed off and bitter at the world. Does he not have a trampoline park to run?

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