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Emily Simpson Revealed Shannon Beador Ran Away From Her & Gina At The Quiet Woman

If only Bravo cameras were present!

The Real Housewives of Orange County's thirteenth season's reunion taping is right around the corner on October 25, so newbie Emily Simpson is naturally preparing herself for the big day and gave an interview to TooFab about what we can expect. Apparently, she has a binder with notes on every woman which contains all the bravo blogs they wrote this season. That is an effort.

We can also expect her to gun for Tamra Judge after she found out she was the one who initiated the shit talking about her husband, The Little Bitch, on the show:

"I was really surprised at how quickly Tamra brought up my marriage and that my husband was controlling," Emily told TooFab. "I just felt like it was a huge leap. I left early to take care of my kids, and all of a sudden, my husband's controlling? I didn't know that the conversation had taken place. I knew that Shannon had said something, but I didn't know that Tamra had."

However, the juiciest part of her interview wasn't hearing about the lawyer turned party planner's organisational skills, it was her relationship or lack thereof one with Shannon Beador. The longstanding Housewife hasn't really acknowledged either new girl's existences this season and according to Emily she even blocked her on Instagram.

Recently Emily claimed her and Gina Kirschenheiter were eating at RHOC hotspot The Quiet Woman and ran into Shannon there, once she saw them apparently her face turned dropped and she ran out of the restaurant. She explained:

"She saw us and flipped out and ran away. We were standing there, and she walked in the door, and I saw her. So I smiled and waved because that's what I do when I see someone I know. You should've seen her face! It was like she saw -- I don't know -- something that scared the crap out of her. She turned, she ran, she didn't wanna be anywhere near us. Her friends had to come over and apologize and say, 'Sorry she acted like that.' I don't understand it. It's very immature behavior, but that's on her."

That. Is. Incredible. Shannon can't even have social graces with these women without freaking out, maybe she didn't want another run in at the restaurant after her epic "THIS ISN'T MY FUCKING PLATE" fight with Kelly Dodd last season.

I'm just praying one of the new girls brings this tea up at the upcoming reunion. She also mentioned that The Little Bitch didn't film for three weeks after his fight with Kelly which is both hilarious and not surprisingly at all.

Thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

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