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Joe Giudice Will Officially Be Deported To Italy

This is great (free) press for the show!

After months of trying to appeal the government's decision to deport him back to his native country of Italy, an Immigration judge has officially ruled Joe Giudice will officially be deported following his release from prison in March next year.

As many of us know, Joe was born in Italy and moved here with the rest of his family when he was just a baby, however, unlike the rest of his brothers and sisters he never bothered to become an actual citizen.

As soon as the news broke TMZ has released a flood of "exclusive" stories from a source and I think we can all guess which small foreheaded Housewife is responsible for those stories suddenly emerging. The first article claimed Teresa Giudice wouldn't be moving her children across the world to a country they've never lived in, which shouldn't be surprising to anyone considering the fact we all knew she was never going to follow Joe back to Italy. The article claimed:

"[She] has zero interest in uprooting their 4 daughters to a country where they have no friends and have never lived. We're told Teresa says moving them outta the country would be a culture shock and completely change their lives."

The second TMZ article which emerged stated Donald Trump actually denied Teresa's letter which she sent him in 2016 asking for her husband NOT to be deported. It was before he was elected President but the table flipper apparently asked him to write a character letter for Juicy Joe - which he obviously never did. Maybe Teresa can try and pull a Kim Kardashian and get him pardoned? That's if she wants me to stay...

Joe has 30 days to appeal the decision which he allegedly plans on doing.

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