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Kelly Bensimon Claims She Used Carole Radziwill's Ghost Writer & Shades Bethenny Frankel

Who lets this woman leave the house?

Kelly Killoren Bensimon was one of the first reality TV breakdowns we ever had the pleasure of watching and almost a decade after her Scary Island moment, it seems like she's still high on jelly beans and Al Sharpton comments. In her recent podcast interview with Tony's Tea Corner she didn't hold back about anything RHONY - and it was amazing.

The ex Housewife declared that all the bad things in Bethenny Frankel's life are a result of her bad karma. She wouldn't specify what the "bad things" were but her boyfriend and dog died within the same year of each other and almost the whole New York cast turned on her, so that may be what she's referring too. The model turned defunct reality star stated:

“All the bad things that are happening to her in her life are a result of her making bad decisions and putting people down,” Kelly explained. “You don’t put people down to put yourself up. You just put yourself up and bring all the other ones with you.”

I actually agree with Kelly on this one because Bethenny has officially passed the point of where she is more mean than she is funny. Apparently Kelly has tried to

"heal" her relationship with the Skinnygirl mogul but has never heard anything back:

“I reached out to her (Bethenny), many, many times. I have literally ten emails with Andy Cohen and the producers being like ‘Hey, I know you had some issues (with me) in the past, and I just want to reach out to see if you want to talk so we can clear the air, and you can move forward’ and she just never responded because she couldn’t handle it."

She also dived into talking about her enemy's enemy Carole Radziwill and even spilled the tea that she used the same ghost writer to write her own book. Oh boy:

“Carole’s writing is amazing. I actually used her ghost writer for my first book. I don’t know if she’s a great writer, but she’s a great storyteller.”

When the host asked if Aviva was telling the truth about Carole having a ghost writer, she responded:

“Uh, yeah! Because I used her."

Did anyone else literally laugh out loud? Either Carole has been lying to us all along and created the narrative that Aviva was crazy to ask us such a question or Kelly is just crazy. Can we give this ghost writer an apple or at least have her on WWHL to hear her side of the story?

After shading Bethenny and Carole, Kelly summed up the interview by talking about her time on the show, calling herself the voice of reason:

“That wasn’t really my role on the show. My role on the show was to put people in their place if people were acting out of line. I was the voice of reason from day one, [and] people just were like scared. They were scared because I wasn’t scared. If someone’s going to be nasty to me, I’m not going to put up with it.”

Wow. I was almost on her side after this interview and I could see where she's coming from but as soon as she referred to herself as the voice of reason, she lost me. This just proves that Kelly is still very much in her jelly beans state of mind. She really needs to donate her brain to science when she dies because if she can watch early seasons of the show and believe that everyone was following her moral lead in the group, that is more fucked up than inside of a pornstar's vagina.

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