Is Flipping Out Cancelled?

It's the end of an era.

The days of Flipping Out may be over after Jeff Lewis' contract with Bravo has officially expired. The designer turned reality star has been hinting that his show may be cancelled for a while but he took it up a notch when he tweeted a photo of himself with the caption "No going away party @bravotv?"

Jeff told Us Weekly:

“They just haven’t picked it up yet and coincidentally my contract has expired,” he tells Us on Monday. “The show has not been officially cancelled … yet.”

His contract expiring could mean nothing, if he wasn’t in the midst of a public feud with his former bestie Jenni Pulos. Jeff previously spoke in depth about behind the scenes drama that went down after she reported him to their bosses and revealed she was faking being his assistant on the show for years.

Following this he also posted an Instagram photo with an X over Jenni’s face which Bravo was NOT HAPPY with. Jeff was originally scared the show would be cancelled without Jenni present but his shit talking of Bravo and production may be to blame.

I’m sure this latest photo is not going to help his case but at least he has the radio. I wouldn’t want to watch Flipping Out without Jenni anyway because she is the gleaming light in a group full of negative, angry people.

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