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The REAL Reason Behind Lisa Vanderpump's Feud With RHOBH Costars Revealed

Holy shit.

Due to me going on a five day bender for my birthday I haven't been all over the Bravo juiciness like I normally am so some of this may be a tad bit of old tea (by like two days) but I need to talk about the fuckery that is going on in Beverly Hills right now.

It all started when podcaster Danny Pellegrino spilled the tea that he "heard" the REAL reason the ladies were all mad at Lisa Vanderpump is that she tried to sell a story to the press about Dorito and the dog.

The first article which emerged about it was through Radar Online, who have now come out revealing they do have a production source but it is not LVP. Radar coming out with this story doesn't confirm anything because why would they give up their source? And why would they start telling the truth now?

The big Radar boss said:

“I can say unequivocally that Lisa has never been an anonymous source to the site — although I for one wish that she was! She’d be as rich with information as she is rich is real-life!”

LVP also didn't attend Camille Grammer's wedding due to her bad blood with the other ladies. Erika Jayne and Denise Richards also didn't go, however, they both had work commitments, which LVP did not. Apparently, Camille was fine with her absence telling PEOPLE: “I respect her decision. Lisa was very apologetic about it.”

PEOPLE had their own article with "sources" about why Lisa didn't come. Obviously, it was through her so here are all the snippets of what the "sources" said:

“She’s going through a lot right now,” a source close to the reality star tells PEOPLE. “It’s not been the best time for her.”

“Lisa’s choosing not to film during any of the group activities,” says the source, who notes that the drama arose partly after Lisa Rinna allegedly called out Vanderpump for not joining in during a cast photo shoot."

“Lisa doesn’t want to be around the women as a group, so she’s getting less filming time. But nobody has quit. She’s definitely still on the show.”

So she's not going to group events but hasn't quit the show. Why is this behaviour allowed? She's literally getting PAID to pet her dogs and bitch with Ken about the other women. In response to her ditching, the wedding Lisa Rinna and Kyle Richards took to social media to talk about it. LVP also commented. Read it in their voices because it's hilarious:

LVP needs to start turning up to work if she wants a check because at this stage she'll probably even miss the reunion too. I can't fucking wait for the season to start so we can see the end of Vanderpump once and for all. Bye bitch.

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