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Ramona Singer & Dorinda Medley Fought At RHONY Gala

This is giving me old school RHONY vibes.

The ladies were filming for The Real Housewives of New York City season 11 at the Denise Rich’s Casa Noble Tequila-sponsored Angel Ball and they were already fighting, although filming hasn't long started.

Page Six is reporting Ramona Singer, Sonja Morgan, Dorinda Medley and OG Jill Zarin were all in attendance at the event filming for the show but the main drama was between Ramona and Dorinda after the Singer Stinger invited Dorinda to the event and said they were going to be at the same table, however, when Dorinda arrived she was seated at a different table. The sources said:

“Ramona had invited Dorinda and told her they would be seated at the same table. Upon arrival, Dorinda was actually seated at a separate table and appeared upset.”

Then, when confronted about the issue Ramona blamed the seat change on event organisers but the organisers then told Dorinda it was really Ramona who asked them for Dorinda's seat to be changed. Is anyone surprised? She's a social climber by nature and this is only textbook behaviour in the Ramona Coaster handbook. Another source said this of Ramona:

“[She] appeared to be in a social-climbing mood. I’m sure it’ll all play out on their show. They had cameras following them.”

Page Six reached out to Ramona for comment and she said the most Ramona sentence ever! After she gave a statement the publication asked about her ex-husband Mario Singer spotted filming for the new season and she hung up the phone. Ramona never stops delivering. Read it in her voice because it's so fucking funny:

“I was very happy to support the Angel Ball and I thought Dorinda was sitting with me, but somehow . . . They have so many people going. She was upset. I had no control of it and I said I was sorry. We didn’t buy a table. We bought individual tickets. They didn’t put it together. We’re great now — we’re fine!”

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