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QVC Employee Allegedly Trash Talks Shannon Beador's Apperance

This is my favourite type of mess.

While scrolling through my new Instagram obsession (@juicy_scoops) I found a hilarious piece of tea about Shannon Beador's QVC experience. No. It's not front page news, it's not the juicest thing ever but it's a funny piece of information and who doesn't want to laugh?

The owner of the account was having some Grindr fun and started a conversation with someone who worked for QVC in Philadelphia. Naturally, the Bravo obsessed fan had to ask if he had ever met Shannon while she was doing her cooking segment, to which he replied saying she was "A mess. Unsure. Whacked. Nervous entitled."

He also continued saying she's selling some vegetable burgers on QVC that are dry as dust. Gay shade is the best shade. Aside from black shade, but black gay shade is the ultimate form of shade anyone can achieve.

Not all his experiences were bad, the alleged QVC worker said Lisa Rinna is always nice when she turns up to sell her dusters and Harry Fucking Hamlin and her two Hadid wannabe daughters show up from time to time as well.


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