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Brandi Glanville Accuses Jeff Lewis Of Lying About Wine Toss Incident

I'm so confused.

After tossing wine at Jeff Lewis back in 2015 during Watch What Happens Live, Brandi Glanville is still dodging questions about it and I am so fucking confused. Let me set the scene and try to make sense of this.

In 2015 Jeff made an STD joke about Brandi on WWHL and she retaliated the only way she knows how, by tossing wine at him. (Watch her throw the wine below.)

Following the incident Jeff once again appeared on WWHL and claimed he and Brandi planned to insult and attack each other before they went to air but he was shocked when she tossed the wine on him. Since then Brandi has said the same thing but assured everyone it was JEFF's idea for her to throw the wine.

About a month ago, Jeff appeared on Jenny McCarthy's radio show where they discussed the Brandi beef after she tweeted saying it was his idea for her to throw the wine. Jeff once again said it wasn't his idea but said they made up years ago at Craigs. However, I don't know if Brandi's wifi is too slow because she's only NOW responding to his comments on Jenny's show, almost a month later.

(The Brandi tea starts at 1.24 in the video below)

Following her standard protocol of drinking and tweeting, Brandi took to Twitter in a series of tweets attacking Jeff saying he was lying about the entire situation and that she has the text messages to prove it.

Brandi deleted her tweet but Jeff took a screenshot and tweeted her asking what they were fighting about considering they made up years ago. Brandi retaliated by saying they aren't fighting but she wants Jeff to be truthful if he keeps recounting the story because it was his idea to throw the wine.

Who really cares? It's probably annoying for Brandi to keep hearing Jeff lie but his story hasn't really changed. It seems they both agree that they planned to come for each other before the show but she claims he wanted her to throw the wine when he's saying it was a surprise. Let's hope Brandi gets those texts out to put this to bed once and for all. Almost four years later.

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