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Third Stew Caroline Bedol Accuses Kate Chastain Of Alcohol Problem

She's messing with the wrong bitch.

We are obviously only a few episodes away from things totally hitting the fan on Below Deck this season between Kate Chastain and her latest third stew Caroline Bedol, and if the lower ranking cast member's Twitter feed is any indication of their feud it's going to be juicy!

Everybody's little sister that nobody wanted was tweeting up a storm after last night's episode which she of course deleted, probably due to a Bravo executive forcing her to, but thank god (Captain Lee) there were some quick thinking people online to take screenshots, which I found through Tamara Tattles. You're welcome.

Caroline responded to one of Kate's tweets about her and alleged she kept quiet about her "inability to refrain from drinking at work" and claimed her drinking problem would ruin her entire career due to it being illegal. Damn. Caroline came out GUNS BLAZING on Twitter and I am here for it.

The resident redhead, who will probably be fired before the season is done, continued by saying Kate's drinking is no secret because there's Bravo footage to prove it but of course Bravo wouldn't want to expose the star of their show by rolling the tapes back.

Caroline also teased that Kate won't be able to prepare for the shit storm of consequences coming her way at the reunion but I don't think she knows what she's dealing with. Bravo, Captain Lee, Kate's new GBF and most of the other crew mates on the show love Kate so there's no way she'll be in the hot seat. Bravo probably won't even show Caroline bringing up the accusations. Ah, the magic of editing.

She also threw some shade at her cast members having book signings in their own living room, which I think is shade to Captain Lee's new memoir and that's just too far. Attack Kate for being a bitch to you, but don't come for the fucking captain.

This isn't the first time Kate has been accused of having a drinking problem on the job, Rocky Dakota from season three tried to expose her on the reunion and blame her drinking on a fire in the oven which happened during the season. It's definitely a recurring theme.

I love me some Kate Chastain but I definitely believe these rumours and I'm not judging. If I had her job I would DEFINITELY be drinking like a fish too!

Thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

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