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RHOC Season 13 Reunion Tea

Hopefully this makes up for the shitty season we had to endure.

The Real Housewives of Orange County taped their season 13 reunion on October 25th, and it sounds like the latest sitdown could be pretty explosive according to the fan favourite on the cast: Kelly Dodd.

In an interview with Decider, Kelly gave us a little hint at what we can expect from the reunion. Kelly teased it was more emotional than her two previous reunions:

"You have to defend yourself, and defend yourself over lies. People just saying things. It just is draining. You can’t wait for that day to get over with.”

Obviously her fight with Emily Simpson was discussed, where Kelly famously called her little Mormon husband a little bitch, a dork, a twerp and anything else she could think of. It was probably the best moment of the season and Kelly teased Emily wasn't happy with her on reunion day:

“Emily came after me, ‘You did this, you said this,” and I’m like, you know what? I could’ve said more. I was kinda holding back. I controlled myself a bit. I could’ve said worse.”​ She added, “Oh, you should’ve seen her at the reunion. That chick’s got rage.”

I like Emily but her first season was a little lukewarm, so she obviously needed to BRING IT at the reunion to secure her spot on season 14, and the Little Bitch issue was the only thing she could really get explosive about.

Kelly talked more about making up with the Little Bitch for Emily's sake and I'm obsessed with her answer:

“I do like Emily and I know it was very important for her. I didn’t want it to feel awkward the next time I’m around that dork of a husband, or that little bitch of a husband, rather. It was necessary for me to say sorry, not that I really wanted to, but just for her sake.”

Although they got into it on reunion day, Kelly said she wants both Emily and Gina to come back next season because everyone deserves a second chance. Apparently after the taping, the whole cast went out to dinner, where Kelly and Vicki made up and finally apologised to each other after feuding about Vicki setting up Kelly's ex-husband.

The entire cast was present at the dinner except Shannon who was on a date. Who the fuck wants to go on a date after they've spent eight hours yelling at a bunch of bitches? Different strokes for different folks!

Thoughts? Sound off in the comments!

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