Kim Kardashian Reacts To Ray J Exposing Their Sex Secrets

The thirst is very fucking real.

Over a decade since their sex tape was released Ray J is still talking about the fact he was inside Kim Kardashian. The rapper needs to watch Frozen and let it the fuck go.

According to The Sun, Ray J was promoting his latest album at a club event in London where he got a little too drunk and spilled secrets about his sex life with Kim to several people at the party. He apparently said Kim would stop sex to take calls from Kris Jenner, has a Louis Vuitton trunk full of sex toys, reapplies makeup during sex and would spent 100K on thongs. He said:

“Kim and I had fun times — marathon sessions. But she didn’t like getting sweaty and would stop to do her make-up if she did. She liked to look dope during sex, the right lighting, setting the mood. She was wild — there was a red Louis Vuitton trunk of sex toys. She would order out for pizza, the only thing not working up a sweat was the Cristal cooled to 22 degrees... her mom would call and she would nearly always take it.”

Ray J needs to pump the breaks. I definitely believe the reapplying of the makeup and taking calls from Kris during sex but the sex toy trunk is a little far fetched. I don't see Kim as the girl who likes sex toys, she seems too much of a pillow princess.

A fan shaded Ray J's allegations on social media, which Kim replied to calling him a pathological liar and saying the story was funny to her. Kim really is the queen of clapping back on Twitter since her robbery.

Whether Kim does her makeup while she's getting pounded or not, who cares? They dated back in 2003 and we already know what they were like having sex together because they HAD THEIR OWN SEX TAPE. We knew the answers about their sex life long ago so Ray J's latest comments don't mean anything.

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