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Jenni Pulos Finally Speaks Out About Her Feud With Jeff Lewis

We finally have her side of the story.

Since the news of the demise of their friendship was reported Jeff Lewis has been very vocal in getting his side of the story out there. The reality star alleged his bestie Jenni Pulos had not worked for him for years and was only faking it on the show, that she reported him to their Bravo bosses for wrongful termination and even posted a photo with an X on her face. Now, Jenni is finally speaking out about the scandal.

According to her exclusive article in PEOPLE, Jenni had "no idea" her termination was coming and always wanted to stay on the show until the very end. Apparently, Jeff made the decision to fire her from the company which was confusing to her because she always believed she was a valuable part of the business and his life. The mother-of-two stated:

“I didn’t decide. He decided he was going to terminate me from his business and so then in turn, the decision was made. I always saw myself seeing the show through.It was puzzling to me. He said he wanted me to go and do my thing. We see things very differently. I believed I had been an asset to his business and he believed differently, I imagine.”

She refuted Jeff's claims of saying she offered to be a friend of the show because Jenni stated she would not fake a friendship for reality TV purposes and ended the friendship after she was terminated from his business because she didn't want to be friends with "someone who thought of [her] the way he did". That is shade.

Their stories completely contradict. Jenni says she never complained to their Bravo bosses about anything and that she really did work at his company for all those years on the show. She said it was real and was shocked when she saw how Jeff began bashing her since the news of their fallout became public knowledge. Their two stories do not go together whatsoever so obviously someone is lying. Jenni stated:

“Citing wrongful termination claim, wrong. Citing abuse claim, wrong. Citing victimization claim, wrong. It was very real,” she says, “I was his employee and I worked for him. It was very authentic, and that’s important.”

Either Jeff is completely making up stories about Jenni or she isn't telling the truth, maybe we need a Flipping Out reunion this year to see this drama play out and get answers once and for all. Jeff has continued stating his contract has not been renewed by Bravo and I don't know if I want to watch Flipping Out without Jenni. She's a light energy on the show in a group full of negative angry people.

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