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Mohamed Hadid Caught Cheating With Wannabe Model

The thirst is real and the tea is hot.

We all know Mohamed Hadid as Yolanda's ex-husband on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, however, his behind the scenes adventures are a lot more juicer than anything he's ever done on the reality show. He's currently engaged to his fiance Shiva Safai but according to one of his side pieces speaking out Mohamed has been less than faithful to his relationship.

According to DailyMail, a 25-year-old girl named Justyna Monde is alleging she had a three-year affair with the multimillionaire. It's not really an allegation considering she has photos and text messages with him but for legal reasons, it's an "allegedly" situation. I'm confused why she spoke out because the aspiring model spoke gracefully and politely about her relationship with Mohamed. If she's going to expose their affair you'd think she'd be a little bitchier.

Justyna claims they met on Instagram in 2014 after she messaged him regarding their common interest, art. Does this bitch think we're stupid? She claims she didn't initially know he was in a relationship which wouldn't have mattered anyway because Justyna too also had a boyfriend. After chatting for a while he asked her for nudes which she happily sent, something she has proof of through various screenshots. She REALLY slid in his DMs. She stated:

“I wanted to experience an older man and of course he was attractive. He was sending text messages and in one of them, he said, ‘I would love to eat pierogis off your body.' I see nudity as a part of art. Sometimes he would ask me to send him some naughty pictures. And of course I did. I see nudity as a part of art. He was quite interested. He liked me a lot."

Does Justyna think we are stupid? She messages a guy on Instagram with over 800K followers and a verified account and she doesn't think to google him? She definitely knew who he was and was looking for a coin.

After sending nudes and talking for a while the two finally met up in Poland in 2015 where they stayed at a five-star hotel and had sex. He even sent a photo of the reservation, further proof.

Following their hookup Mohamed messaged her asking if she could call him Daddy and calling her a good girl. These text messages are kinky as fuck and I'm here for it. She said his dick was too big and he said she'd have to get used to it. Then there are messages of him talking about fingering her among other sexual things. Mohamed is kinky with a capital K and he just proves it goes DOWN in the DMs.

Take a look at ALL those screenshots and reciepts below:

After badgering her to meet for months the couple then met up again in Los Angeles in 2016, where she claims they only had dinner but not sex because her friend was on vacation with her.

They also had fun in Germany in 2017, however, she broke things off with him in late 2017 but maintains she was still in contact with him last week. She couldn't say nice enough things about the real estate broker which is weird considering she's spilling his dirty tea in front of the world.

She spoke about how he gushes over Yolanda and his three model children but she talked major shit about his fiance Shiva saying Mohamed told her he doesn't want to marry her. She stated:

“Shiva is very controlling and she was calling him so many times,” she explained. “I think Mohamed respects his fiancée but I don’t think that a relationship that is based on cheating has a final end like marriage. I don’t think he is going to marry her. I think he would do her a favour not to continue because I’m not sure he’s so in love with her.”

Shiva is not going to dump him over this. They obviously have an arrangement where he can do whatever he wants while she stays in LA and spends his money. Why would she want to give up living like a princess just because he has Instagram THOTS? It's a relationship built on convenience and I think love is just a secondary factor. After Mohamed was accused of sexual assault earlier this year he claimed he DID have an affair with his accuser but it was consensual - and Shiva still stayed, so this latest cheating allegation isn't going to change anything.

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